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What makes us different?

You’ve chosen a specialist because you want the best honest service at a reasonable price. But if someone is using a Chinese copy of diagnostic equipment and illegal pirated software on your vehicle, are they the honest people you want working on your car?

At VAGmanchester, we have a GENUINE V.A.S 5051B dealer diagnostic system, not a pirate laptop based copy, and the Autologic VAG diagnostic system.

How can I check if other companies systems are genuine?

You can check if someone has genuine equipment very quickly with 2 simple questions:

  • Is your VAS diagnostic equipment on a laptop?
    If yes, walk away, it is more than likely a cheap Chinese copy. If this corrupts, short circuits or damages your vehicle, the garage's insurance will not cover it!
  • Can you update my vehicle with the latest software from the manufacturer?
    If no, walk away. Only a genuine VAS machine with a direct link to VW Group UK or the Autologic system can update your software. Software updates are brought out to fix bugs and can increase efficiency and fuel economy and make the vehicle run smoother and better.

With over 40 years of experience between us and the best diagnostic equipment on the market for us to quickly and accurately diagnose your vehicle with, you can be confident your vehicle is in safe hands.
We are also equipped with Autologic for VAG vehicles. The Autologic diagnostic tool intended for VAG vehicles is indisputably the most advanced tool available for independent VAG specialists. The world-first software enables access to dealer-level capabilities.

Autologic Diagnostics

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