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Fuel economy tuning is becoming more and more popular as the cost of motoring and in particular fuel increases! Our software in completely unique and it has been internationally recognised as a world class leading technology. The software has also won an Innovation in technology award in 2011. 

Every vehicle is different and gains vary depending on the vehicle and in particular the driver and load. Whilst we have see gains of 20% proven on Millbrook proving ground in the real world of traffic jams and short journeys we see an average economy gain of between 10 – 15 % the average motorist should look to re-coupe their investment in 6-12 months (based on £30/week fuel spend)


  • 1 - Up to 20% savings on cost of fuel - Case study available
  • 2 - Up to 20% reduction on emissions – test results available
  • 3 - Zero impact on residual value – over 150,000 vehicles tuned
  • 4 - No mechanical modifications
  • 5 - Minimal downtime for busy vehicles – installation in less than 1 hour
  • 6 - One-off installation fee
  • 7 - Possible return on investment within 6 months or less
  • 8 - No on-going maintenance fees – just watch your savings and smile
  • 9 - Reset your vehicle back to standard at any time
  • 10 - Guaranteed instantaneous fuel saving with a 30 day trial

Why don’t the motor manufacturer’s do this?

In short…. They do! Each year the EU imposes tighter restrictions on emissions and the motor manufacturer’s have to adjust their software to comply. Moreover when they release an ultra efficient model for example VW’s bluemotion vehicles this technology is a huge part of what they are doing to increase economy and reduce emissions.

Will an economy tune impact on my insurance?

NO – In fact in some cases some insurance companies actually offer a discount for eco-tuned vehicles

How long will it take?

Every optimise tune is written bespoke to your vehicle so it is not a 5 minute process however we aim to turn around your vehicle in about 1 – 2 hours.

Who's onboard?

But don’t take our word for it the proof as they say is in the pudding. Our software has been used by the following big fleets:

  • BT fleet have recently trialled the software on a number of vehicles completely independently. The trial was performed under controlled conditions by BT fleet themselves. They ran the test vehicles around 3 separate test tracks and even went to the extent of weighing the amount of fuel used to ensure accuracy. They then had each vehicle optomized and ran the same test again. Following that trial they have just tuned all 24,000 vehicles and BT themselves have reported fuel savings of £4,000,000 per year…. Yes that’s right 4 million pounds!!!
  • British Gas have recently conducted a similar trial and are currently optomising their fleet!
  • Manchester City Council have recently optomized their fleet using the software.
  • Homeserve
  • Thames Water

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