Book your MOT with VAG Manchester

  • Upto class 4 MOT testing station including cars, vans and campers.
  • Our dedicated MOT testing team have been performing the MOT for over 30 years.
  • We are very proud of the fact that none of our testers are bonus-driven and we offer NO incentives to any of our technicians.
  • Our MOT bay holds the highest rating possible for a station: “green”! – We believe in value for money, so we will do what we can to get the car to pass first time. If it does fail we offer a FREE no quibble re-test within 10 days of the original test.
  • We like to look after our customers – so, once you have your MOT with us, we will send you a free reminder for every year that you use us. – All of this translates into you getting the fair, honest and impartial test that you deserve.
  • Book Online 24/7
  • SAVE money over dealer prices.


What is an MOT?

A common misconception is that the MOT is a 12 month guarantee of safety and reliability. Unfortunately this is not the case. An MOT test criteria exists to test if that vehicle is safe to be on the road at that exact moment in time. Not in a weeks time, a months time or 12 months time. Bulbs are a perfect example, your vehicle could pass an MOT one day and a bulb fail the next day meaning it is technically not roadworthy and would fail an MOT. This is where your servicing comes in…

The MOT test is also a government designed scheme and anyone who knows any government process will know that there has to be zero liability. So they have designed the test specifically to cause no damage to your vehicle whatsoever. This is so strict that the tester cannot even wipe the dirt off the number plate to read it because potentially this might damage the paintwork so you can be completely sure the MOT test will not damage your vehicle in any way.

  • Book Online 24/7
  • SAVE money over dealer prices.