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Air Con Service

Stay cool… Air con servicing at refreshing prices

At VAG Manchester, we’re more than just a team of mechanics – we’re your partners in ensuring your vehicle performs at its best, all year round. One way we help you achieve this is through our comprehensive air con servicing.


What our Air Con servicing includes

Your vehicle’s air con system does more than keep you cool during the summer months. It also helps to demist your windscreen in the winter and filter out pollutants from the air inside your car, making your driving experience more comfortable and healthy, regardless of the season.


However, over time, the refrigerant gas that makes cooling possible can leak out, reducing the efficiency of your air con system. In fact, most vehicles lose about 10% of their refrigerant gas annually. And if left unchecked, this can lead to more significant problems like wear and tear on the air con pump due to lubrication loss. That’s where we come in.

Our air con service at VAG Manchester is a thorough process designed to keep your system working efficiently. This service includes:

  • Air Con Gas Recharge: We replenish your air con system with the necessary amount of refrigerant gas, allowing it to cool your vehicle effectively.
  • System Lubrication: We add fresh oil to your air con system, ensuring the moving parts are well lubricated and reducing the risk of premature wear and tear.
  • Comprehensive Checks: Our experienced technicians will also carry out a series of checks to identify any potential issues, leaks or damages in your air con system.

With our air con service, you can enjoy a cool, comfortable drive in the summer, a demisted windscreen in the winter, and a well-maintained vehicle all year round.

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Which Air Con gas does my vehicle need?

2017 onwards (as a general rule) has seen the exclusive use of the new R-1234yf refriedgerent, adhereing to strict enviromental rules, this new gas is found in all new vehicles. If you are unsure which is required, don not worry, our technicians and advisors will inspect the vehicle and inform you which service is required.

R-134a and R-1234yf are two types of refrigerant used in automotive air conditioning systems. They serve the same purpose – to cool your vehicle – but there are key differences between them.

1. Environmental Impact

R-1234yf was developed as a more environmentally friendly alternative to R-134a. It has a significantly lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). While R-134a has a GWP of 1430, R-1234yf’s GWP is just 4. This means it contributes far less to global warming if it’s released into the atmosphere.

2. Flammability

One of the most notable differences between the two is that R-1234yf is mildly flammable, while R-134a is not. However, R-1234yf’s flammability is low and requires special conditions to ignite.

3. Performance

In terms of cooling performance, both refrigerants are quite comparable. They both effectively lower the temperature inside your vehicle.

4. Compatibility

Vehicles designed for R-1234yf cannot use R-134a. The service fittings for R-1234yf systems are different to prevent cross-contamination of different refrigerants. Furthermore, it’s illegal to put R-134a or any other refrigerant into a car originally equipped with R-1234yf.

5. Cost

R-1234yf tends to be more expensive than R-134a due to its lower environmental impact and the technology used to manufacture it.

In conclusion, while both R-134a and R-1234yf serve the same purpose, they have distinct differences. With the automotive industry’s ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact, many new cars are being equipped with R-1234yf systems.


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