Are you looking to have your vehicles serviced to the highest level for a fraction of the dealership cost? Then you’re in the right place… We utilise genuine or aftermarket OE spec parts to fulfil any service to the level you require for all vehicle manufacturers.


Do I need to update the digital service records?

We always ask customers if they know why they want it updating and here are some of the answers:

  • “For my warranty” – the digital service record does not record part numbers or even part and oil brands so is no use for your warranty. Even if the record is updated then the dealer will ask to see receipts for the parts used and not the digital record.
  • “For when I sell the car” – Unless you are selling back to a main dealer then most owners do not know how to access the record. So when they come to sell the car and the buyer asks for the service record they have nothing to show them. They have to point in the air and say “It’s on a cloud at Audi” . You are then left with whatever receipts you have as the only proof of service history.
  • “For my lease company” – The leasing company will not have access to the record they will want proof of the servicing with either specialist service stamps or receipts from the approved workshop.

The truth is that the digital service book’s sole role is MARKETING. It exists so that VW AUDI Group knows what has been done to your car so they can contact you from their central hub the next time something is due. Our best advice to all customers is to go to your dealer and request a service book, they only cost around £10-£15 and you will have a clear and accurate service record.

What is a service for?

Unlike the MOT test which is “At point of test only ” Our servicing is designed to look forward. It is done to keep the vehicle running reliably, and also to check the vehicle over and identify items that may need addressing now and also items that may need addressing later in the year, this is really helpful as it allows you to budget for any repairs.

All our services come with a full report of the vehicle and we will be happy to run through this information with you and answer any questions you may have.

Performance vehicle servicing

For us being professional specialists, a service should not be a case of throwing some filters at the car, matching the minimum criteria and sending it out the door. We LOVE cars, we TUNE cars and we DRIVE cars. To us the service is more than filters and checks, the car should feel better and drive better after a service. It’s about knowing the product and the common issues, the service checks that are specific to your make and model to locate issues before they cause you a problem.

The cars we tune have to be in tip top condition so our service checks exceed most other garages and dealerships likewise our oil specs always exceed the dealer specification, this means that we may not be the cheapest service you can find but we will certainly offer you the best VALUE FOR MONEY

What parts do you use?

In the automotive trade there are generally three levels of parts:

  • 1) Budget Parts and Oils – We refuse to use these, it goes against the reason for servicing the car in the first place, BUT this is how you can get the cheapest price.
  • 2) OEM Specification Parts and Oils – Not everyone knows that most vehicle manufacturer’s do not manufacture service parts themselves. They will get a specialist company to make them on their behalf and add their logo on. This means you can source the same quality parts for slightly cheaper and still maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. If you choose OEM Specification we will source the parts from the Original manufacturer who made them for VW Audi Group.
  • 3) Genuine Parts – Always perfect quality carrying the manufacturer’s logo and of course warranty approved. However these are slightly more expensive than the OEM specification parts

So, which should I use?

Options 2 or 3 are the only options we will work with. Some customers really like to always have Genuine parts and use it as a selling point when they come to sell the vehicle along with a specialist garage stamp in the book, other people are satisfied as long as the parts are reliable and their warranty is safe. As long as we are using quality parts and oils THAT is what matters to us.

Service Oils

For the latest range of VAG vehicles the correct engine oil is absolutely crucial! If you use cheaper non approved oils it WILL come back to bite you and all of a sudden that bargain basement service does not seem so much of a bargain. We have seen engine damage at as little as 9,000 miles due to incorrect servicing and oils. We will ONLY ever use quality oil approved by VW Group and OE specification parts on your vehicles no matter what the age, moreover we have the approval certificate to back that up!

For higher performance and tuned vehicles the OE Specification oil may not be enough. As oil heats up it can lose some of its lubrication properties. The higher performance oils we use will stand up to these higher temperatures when the car is driven hard and give your engine the protection that it needs.

Top tips for vehicle servicing

People keep a lot of personal items in their car, so we will never go looking through your vehicle for both your personal privacy and for the technicians safety. Therefore please ensure the following items are left out on the passenger seat when you leave your vehicle for service:

  • Service book , without this we cannot update your record.
  • Locking wheel nut, without this we can still check your brake condition in most cases but will be unable to remove your wheels for maintenance or repair.

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