What makes us different?

VOSAOur dedicated MOT testing team have been performing the MOT for over 20 years. We are very proud of the fact that none of our testers are bonus-driven and we offer NO incentives to any of our technicians.

Our MOT bay holds the highest rating possible for a station: “green”! All of this translates into you getting the fair, honest and impartial test that you deserve.

We believe in value for money, so if we can do anything during the test to get your vehicle to pass first time, we will do it - and that labour will be absolutely FREE OF CHARGE (parts are still charged for). This includes items like:

  • Fitting bulbs
  • Re-aligning headlamps
  • Fitting wiper blades
  • Cleaning or aligning washer jets
  • Putting water in washers

We like to look after our customers - so, once you have your MOT with us, we will send you a free reminder for every year that you use us.

TIPS for presenting your vehicle for test:

  • If you have any problems or concerns about your car such as noises or tyres, tell us BEFORE the test. That way, even if it is not part of the test, we can have the MOT tester look at it and we may well be able to find it and let you know, rather than leave you paying for us to diagnose it.
  • It may sound obvious, but please ensure that there is enough fuel in your vehicle for testing. It will need to be running for up to 1 hour during the testing procedure. If we do not think that there is enough fuel, we cannot test the vehicle.
  • You can have your vehicle tested up to 30 days prior to the current MOT expiry date. If your vehicle passes, you will receive a 13 months MOT certificate. If your vehicle fails to pass, your old MOT is still valid and you have the remaining days to get any work done.
  • Make sure your vehicle is testable; do the bonnet, boot and doors all open? If not, call us beforehand, let us know, and we will arrange a time to have them looked at before your old MOT expires.
  • If you have last year's certificate, please bring it with you. Your vehicle can still be tested without it; however, it does help us if we have it present for the test.
  • Please make sure the boot is clear, as the floor and spare wheel need to be inspected as part of the test.
  • Place any folding seats in the locked upright position and leave all seat belts accessible.
  • Baby seats fitted are not a failure, but you will receive an advisory slip saying that complete inspection of the adult belt was not possible.
  • Please let us know, when you drop the vehicle off, of any problems which you are aware of for the tester's safety.

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