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All our servicing is undertaken to the manufacturer specifications and in many cases above specifications . Moreover all the parts and oils used will always be Genuine or OE (original equipment) specification which means your manufacturer’s warranty will remain unaffected – GUARANTEED!

Your VW Audi service is essential to the healthy running and longevity of your vehicle. Not only will it help to reduce the chances of breakdown but it is designed to find faults before they cause you an issue.

From a Skoda Fabia to an Audi R8 the VW Audi ranges are all unique vehicles and they demand specialist attention. At VAG Manchester we have the skills and the knowledge to service your vehicle correctly. Not only with the correct parts and diagnostic equipment, but including the additional service checks which are specific to your make and model.

For the latest range of VAG vehicles the correct engine oil is absolutely crucial! If you use cheaper non approved oils it WILL come back to bite you and all of a sudden that bargain basement service does not seem so much of a bargain. We have seen engine damage at as little as 39,000 miles due to incorrect servicing and oils. We will ONLY ever use quality oil approved by VW Group and OE specification parts on your vehicles no matter what the age. All these facts are what set us apart from other garages.

Service Plans

We are the only independent VW Audi Specialist in Manchester to offer our own in house service plans, just like your main dealer. You can tailor our service plans to your requirements and they come complete with special service plan member offers.

Online Booking

We also have our brand new online booking system which offers discounts over our standard prices and special offers for certain items when booked together.

For vehicles over 2.0L or specialist service items such as DSG / Haldex systems, please call our service department to book in.

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